300-hour Yoga & Wellness Training Program


Eye-opening 25-hour weekend modules in the SF Bay Area. Build toward your RYT-500 or continue your education.

*Sorcery of Sequencing is ONLINE this April 17th-19th!*


  Rooted in tradition. Adapted for today.

Namaste, Yoga Teachers! 

We are delighted to bring you Spellbound Yoga, a 300-hour yoga and wellness program to continue your studies after completing your initial 200-hour training. With a menu of more than a dozen 25-hour modules, our goal is to run at least one module a month and repeat them throughout the year.  

Working toward RYT-500? Pick and choose the ones you’re drawn to, a la carte, to design your own 300-hour program. Interested in just learning? Take one or take them all. Go at your own pace. Jump in anytime!

With light and magic, Christine & Robin 

Spellbind Your Students

  • Crafty cueing, inspirational language
  • Body science and safety
  • Yoga lifestyle and holistic practices
  • Alignment and accessibility
  • Ancient philosophy made modern 
  • Mindfulness techniques

and more...

This training is for you if...

YOU are a 200-hour certified teacher

YOU are interested in elevating your knowledge

YOU wish you had more confidence to teach

YOU want to keep your students safe and informed

YOU crave creativity and want to thrive

YOU seek skills to apply right away

YOU are ready to become the best teacher you can be!

Meet your magical team

Christine Chen (E-RYT 500, YACEP) is a Seattle-based yoga teacher, best-selling author of the book "Happy Go Yoga," certified aromatherapist, and top-rated expert on a women’s self care app. She is also a co-trainer for 200/300-hour trainings at The Grinning Yogi in Seattle and former co-trainer for Laughing Lotus NY and Breathe for Change. A former broadcast journalist for more than two decades, Christine brings a myriad of experience in communications, presentation, and mindfulness to all her teachings. Her classes are a spirited and soulful alchemy of sweaty and safe sequencing, seasonal wisdom, and music that ranges from global beats to unapologetic and guilty pleasure pop. She is a goldendoodle mama, master dumpling maker, and highly-accomplished binge watcher. 

Robin Wilner (E-RYT 500, YACEP) is a San-Francisco based teacher and teacher trainer who has mentored countless yoga instructors across the nation. She brings warmth, accessibility and humor to her classes and believes that every practice is a portal to infinite potential and radiant joy. Having performed on Broadway for 12 years while practicing and teaching yoga, Robin is deeply influenced by dance and music as forms of self-expression both on and off the mat. She artfully crafts her classes with intricate sequencing, Bhakti (devotional yoga), mysticism and philosophy, alongside her passion for alignment. Flow with Robin and take an exploratory journey through the chakra system, feel challenged and inspired, and enjoy a rich, heartfelt journey into the spirit. She is also a Holistic Nutrionist who loves to help people integrate healthy lifestyle habits and can't live without dark chocolate or avocados.

"Christine and Robin's dynamic together is electric! Their in-depth instruction of yoga philosophy, asana, & sequencing has enhanced not only my self-knowledge but my yoga career. So much of what I know about being a a great yoga teacher comes from the expertise of these two incredible women."

- Kristina C., Los Angeles


April 17, 18, 19 - online via Zoom!

Sorcery of Sequencing

Unlock secrets to crafting creatively-sourced sequences and up-level your personal, creative expression! Come away with: 

  • Interesting and informed sequences
  • Tools to create an immersive experience 
  • Crafty cueing, inspirational language 
  • Best practices for all “levels”
  • Skills for planning, improvising, and presentation  

May 15, 16, 17 - online via Zoom!

Ayurveda Alchemy One: Remedies & Transformation 

Soak in yoga’s science of life and transform overall wellbeing for students and yourself! Come away with:  

  • Practical understanding of ancient science for modern life
  • Keys to creating and managing self care plans - and why
  • How to teach from an Ayurvedic perspective
  • Remedies for common wellbeing challenges and family medicine  

June 26, 27, 28 - format tbd

Mystical Body: Anatomy & Accessibility 

Investigate body science and mechanics to teach freely with intelligence and confidence! Come away with:  

  • Deeper knowledge of the human skeleton, muscles, and connective tissue
  • Skills to truly see bodies in space and offer crafty cues 
  • Profound knowledge of how different bodies move and why
  • Practices and modifications to increase access to postures  


Yin Yoga: Secrets of the Divine Moon

Honor all things calming, grounding, and divinely nurturing through a suite of Yin-inspired practices! Come away with:

  • Function, philosophy, and benefits of Yin Yoga
  • Sequences emphasizing rest, steadiness, and ease in the midst of discomfort
  • Tools to hydrate connective tissues and release tension
  • Confidence to guide students on a beautifully crafted journey  

Upcoming Modules...stay tuned!

AYURVEDA ALCHEMY TWO: POTIONS + LOTIONS Join the mixology lab to create healing, soothing, and supportive potions, lotions, and salves from essential oils and herbs. 

THE EN-CHANTED HEART: BHAKTI YOGA Experience transformation of the heart and soul by immersing yourself in a range of curated bhakti yoga practices.  

POTENT PRACTICES: PRANAYAMA + MEDITATION Investigate the power of the mind and demystify the breath to offer clear and practical guidance to your students.

MAGIC IN YOUR HANDS: ASSISTS & SAFE PRACTICES Empower your hands with healing techniques fused with alignment, energy, and science.

CHAMBER OF THE MIND: YOGA PHILOSOPHY Immerse yourself in the ancient teachings, philosophies, and metaphors of yoga and practically apply them to modern life. 

CAULDRON OF SELF CARE: HOLISTIC NUTRITION + LIFESTYLE Methodically blend holistic lifestyle techniques and yoga science to support personal wellbeing and create your own impactful workshops.  

DEFY GRAVITY: A-Z INVERSIONS & ARM BALANCES Elevate your practice with a curated suite of arm balances and inversions, plus learn how to spell it all out to inspire lift off!  

CHARMED CHAKRAS & THE SUBTLE BODY Steep in the body’s subtle energy system, and understand how it influences us and our ability to find balance. 

REVIVE YOUR ESSENCE: RESTORATIVE YOGA Bathe in restorative yoga lifestyle techniques that replenish the nervous system and one’s essential nature of calm, peace, and vitality. 


Questions? Email us at train@spellboundyoga.com 

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Schedule Fridays 5-8pm; Saturdays/Sundays 8am-6pm

Location Practice Community 2820 7th Street Berkeley, California

*All modules are offered in a 25-hour weekend format and count toward Yoga Alliance continuing education credits.  

*300-hour certifications must be done with the same school to count toward a Yoga Alliance RYT-500.

No refunds, no exceptions. Inability to attend a training will result in a credit toward a future training. 

$495 per training

Payment is due in full at time of enrollment.